Need Quick Capital for Your Business?

A Merchant Cash Advance could be the solution you've been looking for.

Merchant Cash Advance at a Glance


The advance is based on your business's performance, not your credit score. Even those with bad credit are eligible.

Process is Simple

The only paperwork required is a simple form as well as up to 6 months of bank statements.


We can offer you rates that are as low as 18%

Time To Secure Funds

It takes about 24 hours to secure the funds from our organization

Funding Amounts

The typical funding amount is somewhere between $5,000-$200,000 that we offer to our clients.


The terms and that we offer to our clients are up to 2 years.

What Is A Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant Cash Advances are designed to get you and your business quick access to funds. This is done by borrowing against the money you will make, and is then repaid with a portion of your sales on a daily or weekly basis.

This option is beneficial for businesses that may not yet qualify for other types of business funding. Certain factors like time in business, which historically make funding difficult to achieve for new businesses, don't apply to the Merchant Cash Advance. As long as your new business has strong sales, this is an excellent solution to get fast capital to help your business grow.

The Merchant Cash Advance is repaid through a portion of your daily or weekly sales. Details depend on the way your cash advance is financed. Your lender will either take a percentage of credit card sales or a percentage of total business sales either daily or weekly.

If you run a business that has only been in operation for a short time, has a low credit score, deals primarily in credit or debit transactions, or needs cash quickly without collateral—this could be a suitable option for you.

Achieving the optimal rate: A guide to securing the best deal

In order to reduce the cost of capital for your Merchant Cash Advance, it is crucial to secure a factor rate that is affordable. The first step is to determine the exact amount of capital your business requires. Borrowing too much can lead to increased repayment costs, while borrowing too little can create a challenging financial situation for yourself.

At LENDZEE, our team of funding experts is here to assist you in navigating these details and guide you through the available options. We will ensure that you select a Merchant Cash Advance deal that perfectly aligns with your business's specific needs.




  • No collateral is required
  • An option for borrowers with low or poor credit
  • Quick and easy to apply for


  • No benefit if repaid early
  • Payments are frequent
  • Payments could be high if your sales are high

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