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By providing us with a few key details, our system will generate a "SOFT" credit report that has absolutely no impact on your credit scores or triggers any inquiries. Using our affordability program, we calculate your Credit Score and Income information to optimize your funding potential, allowing us to determine how much you qualify for through a variety of funding solutions.

With this valuable data, we can arrange, negotiate, and secure multiple loans, giving you the flexibility to choose from a range of options and ultimately obtain the total amount of funding you require!

Within just 24 business hours, one of our funding Consultants will reach out to you to discuss your pre-approval and guide you through the next steps towards your financial goals.

Absolutely not!  Our funding consultations are designed to assist and guide you through the application process, eliminating any upfront expenses, minimizing application errors, and maximizing your "fundability" without negatively impacting your credit. We possess the knowledge of who reports, when they report, what should be included in applications, and when to submit them. With our expertise, all the guesswork and strenuous effort in starting your new business venture is taken care of!

The rates and terms offered by our network of lenders are tailored to your individual credit profile.

Term Loans in the industry typically have interest rates ranging from 7.9% to 17.9%, with flexible terms spanning from 2 to 12 years. Please note that these rates may vary due to economic fluctuations. Rest assured, you will have full transparency on the rates and terms of each loan before making any decisions.

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This form will NOT affect your credit scores. We use "soft pull" technology to perform a credit analysis.
Once you have completed the pre-qualification form, we'll explain your funding journey on the next page.
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  • Minimum current FICO scores should be 700+
  • No public records (BK, tax liens, judgments), collections, or charge-offs on file
  • No late mortgage payments, short-sales or foreclosures on file
  • No late payments in the last 2 - 3 years, and no chronic lates (60 days+) prior to that
  • Less than 3 inquiries per bureau within the last 6 months
  • At least 5 years of credit history
  • Total revolving credit limits > $25k; $50k+ is ideal.
  • Utilization on major credit cards should be less than 30%. We have specialized strategies to help clients with high utilization.
  • Established Business, Corporation or LLC, with an EIN


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